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Mobile C-Arm

FujiFilm Persona C Surgical C-Arm

The Persona C surgical c-arm is an advanced imaging solution engineered for fast, precise positioning and advanced image quality across a broad range of diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive surgical procedures. Equipped with a dual-layer cesium iodide (CsI) and amorphous Silicon (aSi) flat panel detector, Persona C incorporates multiple exposure modes for ultra-low dose and high-quality fluoroscopy plus an optional vascular package (sold separately). Featuring 81cm of free space, a removable grid and dedicated ‘radiography mode’ for high quality-still imaging, Persona C is designed for easy, precise navigation and imaging.


Display Station

Mobile display station with user-adjustable height and viewing angle. Ultra-sharp details and zooming ability with two 21,5” touchscreen monitors and a 1920×1920 pixel matrix. Large image and thumbnail display in portrait mode with touch screen technology for easy image manipulation and document management. I/O ports for easy IT network integration.

Flat Panel Detector

High-resolution aSi technology for low-dose imaging. Choice of a 21x21cm FPD with 1.8 million pixels or 30x30cm with 3.8 million pixels. Added Radiography Mode with removable grid for low dose, high detail applications.

Absolute Operability

Control of exam parameters from any side with a c-arm mounted multi-touch operator console and live image display.

Compact Design

Large diameter, lightweight mobile C-arm for easy access to the operating table. Fast, accurate positioning with effortless gliding and color-coded system locks.

Modulated Power

Pulsed fluoroscopy with high-quality or low-dose modes plus Roadmap, Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) and Radiography modes ensure optimum dose control for the examination at hand.

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