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Focus Detectors

Breaking the cost barriers to wireless, DR Imaging.

Stepping up to full digital X-ray is a tremendous way to speed your workflow, increase productivity and support a higher standard of care. But if you’re a smaller facility, the cost of upgrading can be a real barrier.

No longer, Meet our new, Focus 35C and 43C Detectors, powered by advanced Image Suite & Image View Software.

  • An affordable way to upgrade to full wireless digital imaging.

  • The superb image quality of DR supports greater diagnostic confidence.

  • Wireless design and operation boost workflow and eliminate hassles of cables.

  • Works with Image Suite Software, designed specifically for smaller facilities and specialty practices like orthopedic, chiropractic and veterinary.

Focus 35C - Clinical Use

Features and Specifications


  • Delivers the image quality only full digital technology can provide.

  • Beam Detect Mode begins image capture automatically when the detector senses the X-ray exposure.


  • Works with Image Suite Software designed specifically for smaller facilities and specialty practices.

  • Conduct multiple exam types, either in bucky or table-top.


  • Provides a simple and intuitive user interface.

  • Wireless design and operation boosts workflow and helps increase patient thruput.

Focus Wireless Digital Detectors

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Product Videos

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