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Revolutionary Performance on a Smaller Scale

Looking for an affordable digital mobile system? Here’s the answer. We’ve leveraged the advanced features of our flagship DRX-Revolution to create the small and compact DRX-Revolution Nano Mobile X-ray System. It delivers high-performance and DR imaging, scaled down to make it an economical choice.

  • Small and lightweight for easy transport – even in tight, cluttered environments.

  • Balanced, articulating arm for extended reach and easy positioning.

  • Carbon Nano Tube to minimize weight and maximize tube life. 

DRX-Revolution Nano X-Ray Portable

Pediatric Solutions

DRX-Revolution Nano - Animals.jpeg

You always want the best diagnostic images possible at the lowest dose achievable, especially when the patient is a child. That’s why Carestream developed our pediatric X-ray solutions.

  • Small, maneuverable design – ideal for navigating pediatric floors and NICUs

  • Articulating arms for easy positioning

  • Child-friendly DRX-Revolution and Nano graphics help put pediatric patients at ease

DRX-Revolution Nano - Clinical 6.jpeg

The Ideal Balance of
Price and Performance

The DRX-Revolution Nano is the ideal – and affordable – solution for portable chest, ICU, orthopaedic and pediatric imaging.


Sleek design offers line-of-sight visibility over the column and around the entire system for safer transport.

Nano Tube Technology

A unique Carbon Nano Tube features an ultra-lightweight design for easy arm positioning.


Feather Touch Drive, compact design, and slight weight make maneuvering and navigating simple and easy.

Features and Specifications

Image Quality

  • Integrated DR technology delivers higher image quality than CR systems – for unrivaled diagnostic confidence

  • SmartGrid image-processing software uses an image-enhancement algorithm and automatic processing to address  produces clearer, reduced-scatter images

  • Allows specialized processing algorithms to suit your preferences

Cost Savings

  • Offers a lower capital investment for greater affordability

  • Designed to deliver a maximum return on investment


  • Speed your workflow with our sharable DRX Plus Detector – and use it wherever it’s needed most

  • Convenient bin design puts all supplies at the technologist’s fingertips

  • Same intuitive user interface as all Carestream systems minimizes training time

Easy Transport

  • Carbon Nano Tube minimizes weight and delivers optimal mobility

  • Small, nimble design makes the Nano ideal for maneuvering through patient rooms, crowded hallways or tight spaces in the ICU or OR.

DRX-Revolution Nano - Drawing 1.png

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