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DRX-LC Detector

Faster Long Length Exams - with a Single Exposure.

Capturing high-quality, long-length images of legs or spine can be difficult – especially with pediatric patients or patients with limited mobility who find it hard to remain still for an extended period of time. The DRX-LC Detector allows capture of long-length images with a single exposure, while:

  • Reducing patient dose.

  • Saving exam time and speeding workflow.

  • Decreasing retakes.

  • Allowing a higher level of patient comfort.

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Rapid. Efficient.

The DRX-LC Detector takes long-length imaging to a new level.


Uses Eclipse image processing for extraordinary image quality and provides one unified image, with no need to manipulate a stitched image due to patient movement.


Offers X-Factor capability to allow the detector to be shared with other DRX Systems.


Easily accommodates long leg, scoliosis and degenerative spine exams with the largest field of view.

Features and Specifications


  • Uses Eclipse image processing to deliver extraordinary image quality with consistent presentation.

  • Provides one unified image, no need for manual stitching or manipulation of the image due to patient movement.

  • Allows for more accurate measurements and a higher degree of assurance in treatment planning.


  • Minimizes patient discomfort with a shorter hold time and quicker acquisition of images.

  • Reduces dose by using a single exposure vs. two or three.


  • Simplifies workflow and set up time as images are acquired with one exposure.

  • Provides full preview of image in less than a minute to shorten exam time.

  • Speeds exam times and frees up the exam room faster allowing more patients to be imaged.


  • Mobile Detector Transformer Holder or Wall-mount Detector Transformer Holder *

  • Grid *

  • Weight Cap *

  • Radiopaque Measuring Ruler *

*Options - Sold Separately

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