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Mobility Redefined. Again.

With the introduction of the ultra-maneuverable DRX-Revolution, featuring the world’s first automatic, collapsible column, Carestream redefined mobile imaging. Now, with the upgraded Revolution, we’ve added powerful new features and benefits:

  • The tube head and collimator are smaller, lighter and better balanced, for easier use and faster positioning.

  • Display screens are more responsive, with enhanced function, and redesigned to better protect against fluid ingress

  • Brakes and drive motors are quieter and less likely to disturb patients.

  • Functional LED lighting provides the technologist with another point of visibility of system status

  • Optional In Bin Charging-Charge your detector without removing the battery (top slot only)

DRX-Revolution Clinical 3.jpeg
DRX-Revolution Banner 3.jpeg

Fast Imaging in Tight

Get fast, high-quality images in tight spaces. The crowded, cluttered spaces of the ICU, ER, and OR are no match for the mobility of the DRX-Revolution.


Feather Touch Drive, compact design, and slight weight make maneuvering and navigating simple and easy.


Image Quality

A powerful 32kW generator, dual focal spot tube and our Eclipse image-processing engine yield pristine images.

An automatic collapsible column shrinks the system to just over four feet tall, for easy visibility and safe transport in crowded hallways.

Features and Specifications

Advanced Image

  • ImageView Software, powered by Eclipse, delivers superb diagnostic image quality for unrivaled diagnostic confidence

  • Allows specialized processing algorithms to suit your preferences

  • Offers a wide range of specialized viewing options – Tube & Line Visualization, Pneumothorax, SmartGrid, and many more


  • Windows 10 helps protect sensitive patient health information against access by unauthorized users


  • Easy to transport, with effortless 360-degree turning

  • Dual-motor drive makes moving the system effortless – in forward or reverse

  • The automatic, collapsible column gives technologists full line-of-sight visibility


  • Swipe-and-go log-in boosts productivity

  • Interface screens are responsive and intuitive – easy to learn and use

  • Touch-screen monitors at both the tube head and main display provide two work zones

  • Small, light, well-balanced tube head and collimator allow fast positioning.

DRX-Revolution Drawing 1.png

Image Gallery

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