Carestream DRX-Mobile Retrofits

A smarter & more affordable way to go DR

Carestream's mobile retrofit kits use a single wireless detector to convert your existing mobile x-ray unit - regardless of the manufacturer - to a DR system fast and cost effectively!  

  • DRX Mobile Retrofit Kits

  • DRX Universal Mobile

DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit

DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit

Take your existing x-ray unit to the next level with the latest DR technology!

  • Designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing mobile x-ray equipment

  • Capture, view, and share high-quality medical images from the bedside

  • 17 inch LCD touchscreen display

  • Self-Powered and Rechargeable 

  • Available with either DRX-Plus 3543 or Dose sensitive DRX-Plus 3543C wireless detectors

  • Optional Software Programs available

Compatible With: 

  • GE AMX-4

  • GE AMX-4 Plus

  • Shimadzu MobileArt

  • Shimadzu MobileArt Plus

  • Shimadzu MobileArt Evoltuion

Universal Mobile

Almost any portable x-ray unit can be converted to DR in just a matter of hours!

  • Flexible design to accommodate a wide variety of manufacturers

  • Ideal for trauma sites, remote clinics, operating rooms and the ICU

  • Multiple tablet PC mounting options to fit your specific x-ray system

  • 12.1 inch LCD touchscreen display

  • Self Powered and rechargeable 

  • Optional Software Programs