Carestream's DR Detector product line offers the opportunity to make the transition to digital radiography as simple as ever. With a variety of size options, Carestream's DR detectors allow you to select and customize the system to fit your facilities needs.   

Carestream DR Detectors

Increasing efficiency and reliability to your imaging services

DRX Plus

Small tight spaces like the ICU, ER, and OR are the types of areas that the Carestream DRX Revolutions mobility truly excels at.  


  • With the simplicity of maneuvering, you can make a 360-degree turn easily

  • An automatic collapsible column gives the driver complete and full visibility when moving the system 

  • Equipped with dual motor drive both forward and reverse

  • A long tubehead reach provides the technician easy access to the patient in crowded rooms. 

  • Two touchscreen displays give the technician prior image review, technique changes, and image acceptance or rejection. 

DRX Core

Fast, high-quality images in cramped spaces for the most critical patients. 

  • Consistent and precise quality reduces the number of retake exposures and leads to a faster diagnosis. 

  • Equipped with a powerful 32kW generator, dual focal spot tube and EVP Plus image processing come together to create clear images. 

  • Equipped with dual motor drive both forward and reverse

  • Optional Tube & Line Visualization software to instantly verify critical line placement of various items. 

DRX 25x30C

This fast, reliable, and easy Digital X-ray Portable was designed with your workflow in mind. 

  • Dual touchscreen monitors to provide two work zones.

  • Position quickly with the lightweight, wireless DRX detector

  • On-board bins keep gloves, sanitizer, paperwork, markers, and lockable detector storage all on board for any situation that could arise.

  • Quickly power up the system with the simple swipe of your badge. 

  • Boost your efficiency and cut costs with a detector that works across all your digital x-ray equipment. 

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