Carestream OnSight 3D Extremity System

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The OnSight 3D Extremity System is designed to provide crystal clear 3D Images. With this unique system design, it allows clinicians to conduct weight-bearing studies that are not possible with a traditional CT. With its small and economical design, site and install requirements are low allowing for the immediate execution of patient care. 


  • Winner of the 2016 AuntMinnies Award for Best New Radiology Device


System Features

  • Ability to perform upper and lower extremity 3D exams, including weight bearing

  • Wide door opening for easy, step-in patient access for weight-bearing exams

  • Provides high-resolution 3D images that can help to reveal subtle or occult fractures

  • Reduced dose compared to conventional CT systems

  • Small footprint and simplified design to cut the time and cost of system installation, compared to conventional CT systems

  • May be installed at the preferred location for patient treatment in your orthopaedic practice for convenient imaging, diagnosis and treatment planning in one visit

Image Quality

  • High-resolution isotropic image capture

  • Large field of view

  • Provides high-resolution 3D images that can help to reveal subtle or occult fractures

  • Advanced metal and scatter correction algorithms

  • Reduced noise via algorithmic iterative reconstruction techniques


  • Ability to perform both high-resolution 2D and 3D exams

  • Simplified user interface to guide the technologist through the exam

  • Fast equipment setup with preprogrammed auto-positions

  • Dual operator controls on each side of the system for fine positioning

  • Easy interoperability in a DICOM supported environment

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