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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Equipment Mobile Systems Source-Ray - SR-130D Portable X-Ray System
Source-Ray - SR-130D Portable X-Ray System E-mail



The model SR-130D Direct Capture Digital Portable X-Ray System was designed for today's demands of general Radiography, trauma, and patient bedside care.

The SR-130D provides high power, state of the art technology, system reliability, and low maintenance all in a small footprint, lightweight package.

The SR-130D utilizes the Canon 50G (14" x 17") light weight digital Receptor that produces consistent high resolution digital radiographic images.

The SR-130D reduces exam time - Each image is captured, viewable and verified in seconds by the X-Ray Technician, before leaving the patients bedside.

The SR-130D has an integrated touch screen computer with integral keyboard for selecting Anatomical Programming and Patient data Storage. It also provides the ability to export patient study lists to PACS systems for clinical history and follow-up exams.

The 'Touch' Screen user interface is driven by Canon's innovative software. Full Anatomical programming, via programmable buttons allow quick technique selection, or "Over-Ride" any pre-programmed technique easily and quickly, for manual selection of X-Ray techniques. View Images immediately, magnify or enhance images with on-board tools.

The SR-130D is DICOM 3.0 Compatible

(DICOM Statement).

The SR-130D is a 100kV/30mA, 3 KW system that can reduce exposure times on difficult radiographic anatomical views, there-by minimizing patient motion problems and enhancing image quality.

The SR-130D is designed with agility in mind, it's unique folding front leg design allows the unit to be stored and transported to where ever the patient is located.

The >SR-130D has an integrated convenient storage compartment that can accommodate up to one standard (14"x17") 50G digital receptor and optional Grid Adaptor when not in use or during transportation.

The model SR-130D brings digital radiography directly to the patient. With a portable sensor designed for patient comfort and quick access to images, the SR-130D provides unmatched speed and efficiency for diagnosing even the most critically ill patients.

The SR-130D is designed for high reliability and the durability required for the Diagnostic Outreach market, that will assure maximum uptime performance and low maintenance.

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